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All things considered equal, why does Web-IT stand above the rest in Connecticut? Two things;  product delivery and industry knowledge!


mobile apps

mobile apps

Mobile Apps are here, they are here today and here to stay.  m-commerce is rapidly passing e-commerce….



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If you are tired of dealing with long phone calls, rising hosting costs, and system outages, Web-IT site hosting is worth a look!


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website support

Fact: A website that hasn’t been updated today, is out of date! Fact: An out of date website is a liability to your company image!


This short video will go a long way towards improving your companies bottom line!

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More consumers will access the Internet using mobile devices than by desktop or laptop computers this year…retailers should assume that all of consumers’ purchase decisions will be made with the influence of information made available on mobile devices… – Morgan Stanley

Smartphones will grow at a more than 30% annual growth rate for the next five years… – In-Stat

29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons… – Bizness Apps

When it comes to staying in touch and keeping pace with consumers, restaurant operators who implement mobile applications can position themselves ahead of the competition… – QSR

Good customer support is crucial to keep getting new referrals, and a mobile app is an excellent channel for delivering support instantly and efficiently… – Tech Republic

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Yes! We WERE there!

The Information Technology industry has come a long way.

Today, powerful tools do in seconds tasks that took weeks to do in the past.

These terrific enhancements in website and mobile application development have flooded the market with design and development companies.

As a professional businessperson tasked with the responsibility of who will be your technology provider, you have critical decisions to make.

We believe in the “Web-IT Advantage”, an advantage founded in years of real life business experience.

Choosing Web-IT to be your website and mobile app developer and support team provides you with a depth of experience you just won’t find anywhere.

We bring nearly 40 years of industry experience providing technology services and true solutions across a broad base of industries and services to every client we serve.

Providing world class designs and support and aligning with you as a business partner is a combination that can’t be matched.

Our philosophy may be ‘old school’ as we truly do believe “the customer is always right.” As a service provider that comes prepared with a solid knowledge of your industry, our continued success in all aspects of website design and development speaks for itself.

We offer free estimates and consultations, and encourage you to speak directly with any of the growing list of satisfied Web-IT clients.

Our mission


Built in the U.S.A.

Web IT is committed to providing professional website design and development, mobile applications, secure hosting and support aimed at transforming existing or implementing new sites for our clients.

We aspire to continue to be a leader in the development and delivery of quality and affordable ways to assist our clients in the development of their existing website or providing exciting opportunities to leverage the latest technologies to maximize our clients website investments.

With our conference and training center in Danbury, Connecticut and our administrative and development facility in Southbury Connecticut, we conduct ourselves in a professional manner working cooperatively with our clients’ to achieve their goals. We work directly with our clients with the full understanding that no one knows their business requirements better than they do.

At Web IT, our client commitment extends beyond the development of outstanding website designs, mobile applications that drive businesses to succeed, secure hosting and website support.

As an American based company with a global reach, we believe that we have an obligation to provide opportunities for the great pool of technology professionals right here in the states. That is why Web IT does not, nor intends to use offshore resources for any of the work we do.

Other website designers and developers, mobile app design companies, hosting services and website support companies may choose to use resources from other countries based on the misconception of saving money. The Web-IT mission stands firm in a simple philosophy built around providing an affordable state of the art Internet presence for each of our clients, using the best talent available and the most advanced development tools in the market today.